Gurnee Facility

Our Commitment to the Community

In 2018, the federal government issued its latest National Air Toxics Assessment (NATA), which is a screening tool to identify emissions that may warrant further study. Because Ethylene Oxide (EO) is used at our Gurnee facility in a closed production process, Vantage has been working with local, state and federal officials to provide information about our emissions controls, to address community concerns and to reduce our already low EO emissions even further.

Vantage takes this matter very seriously, not only because we have been a longstanding corporate resident of Gurnee, but because many of us also call this community our home for ourselves and our families.

As part of our commitment, we are working to:

  • Install new scrubbers: The installation of two new scrubbers is near completion.  Despite the cold weather in January and February, Vantage has moved aggressively to complete this construction.  The scrubbers will be put into service in April.  The new scrubbers have been installed in tandem with our already existing scrubbers to significantly reduce both stack and overall emissions.
  • Test new scrubbers: During the commissioning of the new scrubbers, environmental consultants will test our stack emissions to verify the new equipment is functioning properly and achieving the maximum efficiencies.  This will also be done in coordination of the EPA.
  • Conduct air monitoring.  Environmental consultants will also conduct ambient air monitoring to further demonstrate these updates are effective and confirm that Vantage’s emissions do not present a meaningful risk to our community.

Vantage is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, neighboring communities and the local environment around our production facilities, and we will continue to do everything we can to demonstrate our deep commitment to safety, compliance, and continuous improvement with emissions reduction.

Additional Resources

For more detailed information, refer to our EO fact sheet on how Vantage uses the chemical in our products and the controls we use to limit emissions. 





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