Sustainability at Vantage

Sustainability is the way that we do business at Vantage and how we create value for our customers.  From our utilization of natural, naturally-derived and renewably-sourced materials, to the approaches we use to craft products, it is paramount for Vantage to maintain a sustainable perspective in our global operations.

~85% of Vantage’s business is natural, naturally-derived or renewably-sourced.

Our efforts are focused on limiting water use, land preservation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.  Additionally, we have continuous improvement initiatives across Vantage, we strive to empower people, minimize the impact on the environment, use efficient processes to make an deliver products, and build upon our “Save the Whales” heritage.

This has been our legacy with jojoba by being a fully vertically integrated owner in every step of the supply chain, which allows for intentional effort implementation.

Vantage’s offers traceability to trusted product sources and we are committed to achieve RSPO mass balance supply chain certification at our US manufacturing sites by year-end 2017.  We are currently certified at our Carnegie, PA site and are actively pursuing additional certifications that support our ongoing commitment.


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